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Premix Marbletite

Premix Marbletite

Our company, Premix Marbletite, has been offering since 1955 the best products in terms of quartz sand pools with cementitious basecoats and exterior finishes of advanced cement and synthetic covers of the best quality in the market.


In addition, our company and in particular the product we sell is unique and gets results that can´t be compared to any other product on the market of pool builder sector. Those products get the effect of a natural pool, like a natural beach at home!
Our mission is based on providing our clients with the best product and the best treatment guaranteed. On the other hand, we are not only experts in projected quartz sand for pools, but we also have specialized products for the walls of your house and covers of the spaces you want to build with our help. On another front, you may ask for the colour that best suits your needs within the wide range catalogue we offer. Coral, white, linen, your favourite colour to become your home the perfect place for you, to your tastes and furniture.
Premium Marbletite offers its services both to companies and individuals who want these types of results wherever they want to place it. We understand that it is not the same one surface or another, a hotel than a house, a house than a swimming pool, we have attached a section which sets out the different types of results that can be achieved by using our products, the different textures obtained by using one or other material, so that, at the end, everything would be the same as it was designed initially in our catalogue, as it was imagined before being projected.

Sand Quartz Pools

In Premix Marbletite we remain in constant development and growth. We keep abreast of all developments which affect our industry. That is why we have a highly qualified, experienced and able human team to undertake any task entrusted by our customers over our quartz sand pools.

This type of finish perfectly adapts to the model of quartz sand pools you have chosen, as it neither affects the depth you want to give to your pool. This type of sand will adhere to your desired pool shape. Likewise we can use sand of different colours and different thicknesses depending on the look you want to give it.

As we like to take care of environment, we are completely committed to building quartz sand pools since with this technique is not necessary to use materials that cause a great environmental impact. Contact us, we will give you a personal budget, with no commitment.

Adhesivo de Unión- Premix Marbletite Bond-Tite
Union adhesive – Premix Marbletite Bond-Tite

This adhesive is obtained from the mixture of a type of liquid resin and cement that has been modified with additives for such use. You can also ask for the liquid version to mix it directly at your workplace.

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Bases blancas para mezclar con matices en cuarzo y piedrecitas | Premix Marbletite
White bases to mix with nuances in quartz and small pieces of grit

If you prefer that your white base for mixing may have shades of quartz and small pieces of grit you have to choose one of this three products: such as Marquis, Freestone or Marquis Magic type. You can also choose the colour you prefer from our catalogue.

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Bases blancas para mezclar con pigmentos en polvo disoluble | Premix Marbletite
White bases to blend with soluble powdered pigments

The first thing you should do is to choose the type of white base that you want to use. The three we have are: Marquis, Freestone and Marquis Magic. Then you have to choose the colour of the pigments in the powder which you like the most and you’ll have everything done!

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Revestimiento para piscinas serie: Marquis Magic | Premix Marbletite
Swimming pools cladding series: Marquis Magic

Marquis Magic, such as mixing, is achieved by the use, for the manufacture, of additives, aggregates of quartz, previously modified polymers and cement. Added crystal gives the magic tone and cause the shinning into the pool. Magic!.

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Revestimiento Piscina Crystal | Premix Marbletite
Swimming pools cladding series: Crystal

This series called Crystal is obtained from a mixture different from the others. Thanks to the crystals of different colours which are used for its manufacture and the cement that previously has been enriched with polymers, you can check the firm, resistant and, of course, soft surface which is acquired.

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Revestimiento Piscinas | Premix Marbletite
Swimming pools cladding series: Freestone

Freestone mix is achieved thanks to the mixture of additives specific for the bottom of the pool, cement (white) and small stones that achieve an exceptional beauty, caused by the grinding stones, a really smooth surface, easy maintenance and product application.

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Revestimiento Piscinas | Premix Marbletite
Swimming pools covering serie: Marquis

This type of mixture called Marquis is obtained from the mixture of common cement, modified polymers, a number of additives and aggregates of quartz which gets great durability and easy maintenance for the inside of the pool.

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There are plenty of advantages in case you have decided to use this type of product in the construction and for the design of your personal pool. Take notes:

1Visual Impact

Everyone will be impressed because of the large swimming pool you will have at home, like having your own beach!

2A swimming pool to you needs, as you’ve always imagined it

Own your small private beach in the garden, at home, the beauty of the coastline with the comfort of your own home, with the shape and size that best suits you.

3Construction in very little time

The construction of this type of pool is really fast. The equipment used to build these pools shorten the time considerably and reach the most impressive results.

4Economic price with respect to other pools

If the price is what most concerns you ask for your personalized budget. Those pools reduce considerably the price compared with traditional swimming pools.

Specialists Quartz Sand Pools

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